compare and contrast essay

Teaching around the World
Teaching is an amazingly important job. Everyone requires education to get to where they want to be in life. You need teachers to inform you to get to the career you want. All the important jobs like doctors require education. If you’re getting operated on by a surgeon. You sure would hope they had education so they are able to do their job right. Teachers teach the young minds that will affect the world later in life. There are many different teaching jobs from elementary to college professors. Teaching is important but education and teachers are often not treated as important as they should be. For this reason I want to teach abroad where teachers are treated better than they are here in the U.S.
No matter where or what a teacher teaches, they are enriching young minds. The teacher’s qualifications vary however. To teach English abroad you would need a four year degree in any major you choose. Be able to speak English fluently, and get accepted in a program to chaperone your abroad career. Whereas a teacher in the U.S often has to go through extensive schooling and certification to teach. That schooling increases depending on what you want to teach and what grade. Generally the higher the grade, the more schooling required. The pay for teachers is also quite different. Pay varies all over the U.S., but overall teachers are drastically underpaid. This is also found abroad, but depending on where you teach abroad the pay can be more or less than they pay in the U.S. In Japan where I would personally like to teach the pay is usually found to be more than in the U.S. Housing and airfare, are often taken care of by the company chaperoning you.
Teaching allows you to make a difference whether you’re teaching abroad or in the U.S. Although, teaching is not seen as a glamorous job in the U.S. Whereas in countries like Japan teaching is seen as a respectful job, and teachers have a high social status. No matter where you work although…