compare and contrast

Kadasha Williams
Le Cordon Bleu
LIT215 – 1A – Topics in Literature
Week 3 Reading AssignmentThe Jewelry
Guy De Maupassant
Everything that glitters isn’t gold. The jewelry depicted symbolized a greedy woman who wants everything that she can’t afford. Her husband got her invitation to the most formal and she just wanted more and more. She even was greedy when it came to her friend jewelry at her ended up losing the necklace. She couldn’t bring herself to tell her friend that she lost it. She worked her behind off to replace it to later find out it was a fake. It pays to be greedy and to pretended hat you are something you’re not. You should always respect yourself to no care what others think of you.
In the short story The Jewelry the author placed the story in an old fashion cottage in the woods. Exposition is when the complete description and explanation of an idea or theory. For example “A horrible suspicion swept across his mind. . . . She? . . . But then all those other pieces of jewelry must have been presents also! . . . Then it seemed to him that the ground was heaving under his feet; that a tree, right in front of him, was falling toward him; he thrust out his arms instinctively, and fell senseless.”
Climax is the rising of the story. It is the good juicy part that makes you want to keep on reading and reading. For example at this part of the story, “He got a little into debt, like men obliged to live by their wits. At last one morning that he happened to find himself without a cent in his pocket, and a whole week to wait before he could draw his monthly salary, he thought of selling something; and almost immediately it occurred to him to sell his wife’s “stock”—for he had always borne a secret grudge against the flash-jewelry that used to annoy him so much in former days. The mere sight of it, day after day, somewhat spoiled the sad pleasure of thinking of his darling
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