Development of stringent rules & regulations by the governments on food safety testing

Food Testing Market shall witness 8.4% CAGR growth until 2018 owing to the increased number of tests that will be conducted. According to IndustryARC, Food Testing Market which includes the food safety testing market is expected to grow at a healthy growth rate of around 6% during the forecast period until 2018.MARKET TRENDS AND MARKET GROWTH STATISTICS:Leading equipment: Chromatographs and Spectrometers.
The combination of both the equipment Chromatographs and Spectrometers is being developed frequently by the manufacturers to enhance the food testing capabilities in the analytical laboratories, which would save lot of energy, time and resources.Instrument Wise: IR types of instruments are occupying the highest share in-terms of technology.
Testers have been and are continuing to grow owing to the demand from the Consumer Testing Industries. With growing industrial microbiology, food testing market is also witnessed to be growing parallelly.In the Segment Approach, Meat & Poultry Products have been dominating the Food Safety Testing Market owing to the maximum number of the illness which is caused due to the consumption of Meat & Poultry Items.Major Market Driving Factors:
• Growing foodborne diseases across the globe
• Rising negative cases of food adulteration and food businesses which take place in ignorance of consumer testing
• Rising consumption of processed food, thus rise in risk factors that tag along with artificial intake
• Rising incomes of developed as well as developing countries is increasing the adoption of processed food
• Realization of importance of food analysis and food safety among people
• Increasing awareness about food borne diseases within consumers
• Development of stringent rules & regulations by the governments on food safety testing
• Increasing globalization of food trade and development of rapid food safety testing techniques.
• Rapid advanced technologies are propelling the market because…