Amber King
Mrs. Moore
American Literature
April 21, 2014

Consumer Responsibility
When we buy items from the mall do we really tale our time to sit down at a computer and research to find out how employees in America and other countries are treated? Is it really our responsibility to and core about these aspects as a consumer? Do we as Americans need to wake up and see how America and other countries treat their employees? Well today we are going to go deep in to the controversies to see the American side of this reality. I strongly believe that we as American consumers do not need to hinder ourselves with the way owners in other countries and America treat their workers.
We cannot worry about everyone in the world; we as U.S. citizens have got to take care of ourselves. Not everyone in the world even cares about workers whether or not if it’s in our country or theirs. It is the workers decision to work in the conditions that they are provided. I strongly believe you cannot just spend all day researching a company to understand how they mass produce their products, most importantly how they treat their workers, because; the majority of inanimate objects we buy are from China. In other words, good luck finding U.S. made products.
You cannot just stop the line of trade and production for your own benefits. Workers work to make money, not to make you satisfied about where your products come from. Most everything we buy is from China because they work for cheap. We as U.S. citizens do not have the authority to tell the government “hey do not go trade with that country, they scandalously mistreat their employees.” They would probably ask you “are you demented.” One person being realistic cannot exactly reconstruct the minds of the government on a regular stand point to not barter with countries that mistreat their workers.
You may think we being free American citizens who buy and…