Entrepreneuship. Sandy Gooch Case

Case 1
This case is about how and why Sandy Gooch became an entrepreneur, and how she managed to succeed. Sandy Gooch decided to become an entrepreneur and start her own business after she almost died. As it turns out she was allergic to chemicals and additives commonly found in food and her body couldn’t fight off the disease.
After recovering, Gooch began to study nutrition and whole foods, she wanted to make life easier for people who want to eat a healthy food, and the best way to do it, was to create a natural foods store. She consulted with a lot of specialists, got herself a business partner, found a place for her store and finally, in 1977 her first store was opened.
Sandy Gooch could be considered an entrepreneurial venture because in the beginning, when she started her business she faced a shortage of cash even though she had a lot of customers due to a high demand on her products. Banks refused to give her credit and Gooch just moved ahead by scrimping anywhere that didn’t affect the customer and keeping overhead costs down. With a strategy like that she managed to keep up with demand.
Gooch has a mission to offer only highest-quality products, service, and information that would enrich the health of her customers and the planet as well. The mission guided all the decisions she made about the stores. Gooch required that all her suppliers would be able to guarantee the quality of their products and that these products won’t contain chemicals, white flour, sugar, caffeine, chocolate, etc.,. Her mission also gave her a way to expand the product line, open a produce/grocery distribution center, a food commissary for the preparation of deli and bakery foods, a design studio to create store decor, and a construction shop to build the displays. Also, she trained all her 800 employees to be knowledgeable about the products she carried.
Early in the development of her…