Junot Diaz

Jane Stovall
Leah Fountain
English 101 MWF 11:00
December 12, 2011
Junot Diaz is Portrayed through Yunior
Junot Diaz wrote a series called Drown and within that series there is a story called Fiesta. In Fiesta it becomes evident that Diaz and Yunior have very similar lives and they have similar interests. They both grew up in the same type of environment of abuse and feeling unworthy by their father and they have the same type of family life. They both are abused and want some one to look at for guidance. They both want to be a better man than the men in their families and they strive in every way to be better. Junot Diaz’s life can be seen through the portrayal of Yunior’s life in Fiesta.
Junot Diaz is a great author that has won many awards and is a very successful writer. He was born in the Dominican Republic and moved to the United States when he was six years old. He and his family moved to New Jersey where he and his siblings attended public schools (Kevane 1). Diaz went to Rutgers University then went on to earn his master’s degree in writing at Cornell University. He had many jobs until Story Magazine published his short story Ysreal (“Junot Diaz American Writer (1968-)” 1). After his short story was published, he became committed to writing about his experiences as a child after he migrated to New Jersey and developed a new life for himself (Kevane 1). Diaz started writing because he loved books and reading helped him survive the first years of being an immigrant. The first few years were brutal and confusing and reading gave him shelter (Johnson 1). He found it hard to speak English, but he soon realized it was easier to read English. He used reading as a way to escape from what was going on around him, now he writes books to share his life and experience with others. Diaz started thinking about how to describe his migration and he found a very interesting way to describe it. He described it as testing cars or planes, no one knew what was…