Role of art in National development

Though the role and impact of Art in sustainable
national development have
been orchestrated by scholars for years, yet the
actual integration of its dynamics into policy and
major interventions globally remains very
minimal. This is partly due to government
sanctioned systematic negligence as well as
perhaps more critically a gross unavailability of
detailed identification of individual art concepts
and their importance. What this produces is
increase challenges in achieving all round impact
from art oriented activities especially in
developing countries. With an ever increasing
profile of national problems, a rising global energy
challenge and the threats posed by several other
equally critical variables of national development,
the requirement for increase innovation, skills and
perceptions from a multidisciplinary context
aimed at solving these national problems,
specifically in relation to arts becomes most
imperative. While existing effort focus more on
the use of new technology and government to
government exchanges, the challenge of educating
ordinary people on what role they can play in
individually but cooperatively solving critical
national problems like climate change mitigation
and environmental sustainability is more easily
surmounted by Arts than the presumably more
effective status quo. By using Art as the Spear tip
in engaging this plethora of national problems,
there is a conscious refocus on the engagement
of emerging communication platforms and
creative media. The issues of terrorism, famine,
corruption, nuclear proliferation, ssustainabl
energy and environmental challenges like climate
change currently residing in highly scientific
lexicon, beyond the reach of a large percentage of
the society, must be brought closer to the
ordinary people using a communication apparatus
that they are familiar with; Arts. Attention to the
strategic need for environmental communication
and education initiative…